FAQs for Brands

Q) What is the duration of my subscription?

A) The subscription is valid for the period of 1 year from your subscription date

Q) How do I find a relevant influencer?

A) We have allotted rating to each influencer basis their content and their number of followers vis-à-vis their peers and various other parameters. These ratings are revised monthly basis their performance. You can select the influencer who you feel best suits your campaign requirements given their social media presence.

Q) How many influencers can I invite for my campaign?

A) You can reach out to as many influencers as you deem fit for your campaign.

Q) Can I select more categories in the middle of my current subscription?

A) Yes. You can go to Settings & In Subscription Details section, add more categories that you want to subscribe to.

Q) What about the cancellation of subscription?

A) You can cancel your subscription anytime any moment you want from “My Account section”.

Q) Is my subscription transferable?

A) No, it isn’t.

Q) How much do I have to pay Bloggerati™ for each campaign?

A) You don’t have to pay anything to Bloggerati™. You have to make all the payments directly to each influencer who has accepted to participate in your campaign

Q) Does Bloggerati™ connect with the influencers on my behalf?

A) You have a choice on that. You can either reach out to influencers yourself and conduct the campaign or request Bloggerati™ team’s assistance. In case of later, Bloggerati™ team will coordinate and conduct the campaign on your behalf for a fee.

Q) Can my subscriptions get cancelled by Bloggerati™?

A) Yes, if any kind of legal violation, tampering of the code of conduct is found the subscription will get cancelled immediately without any kind of notification & no amount would be returned to the subscriber. This will also be considered in the case of sustained complaints from our influencers.