FAQs for Influencers

Q) Why should I sign up?

A) For two reasons. Firstly, Bloggerati™ will allow you to connect with brands on the subjects that you like writing about the most. Secondly, you get paid for it! And the best thing is you interact with the brand directly and can decide if you wish to participate in it or not. It is completely transparent with no middlemen.

Q) How much time will it take to activate my account after registration?

A) It may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to get your account activated.

Q) How do I get paid?

A) You will be paid directly by the brand once the campaign is over and they have approved your content. Bloggerati™ will play no role in this matter whatsoever

Q)What is the brand offers me an amount that is lesser than what I have mentioned in my profile?

A) Brands get the option of either going by what you have mentioned in your profile or overriding it with what they would prefer to give out. Either way, you will have the choice to participate in their campaign and the brands will be notified of your decision accordingly

Q) Is there a registration fee or commission paid to Bloggerati™?

A) There is neither a registration fee nor any commission charged by Bloggerati™. Once you have completed the write up for the brand, you will receive the payment from them directly. Bloggerati™ will neither be responsible for negotiating with the company or collecting payments on your behalf from brands.

Q) How much amount should I charge for my blogs or tweets?

A) That would be entirely up to you. However, we do suggest that you check your rating vis-à-vis your peers and benchmark your rates in proportion to that. You can charge higher if you believe that you are a domain expert and have higher follower and influence base. Also, your rating will go up with more campaigns you participate in.

Q) How do I increase my ranking?

A) Bloggerati™ rating is dependent o a combination of factors; your follower count, how active you are, the number of platforms you are active on, number of campaigns you have participated on Bloggerati and much more. The more active you are on your platform and more readers you are able to influence on it, the better your ranking will be

Q) Can I participate in any active campaign even if I haven’t received a direct brand invitation?

A) Yes. There could be many reasons why the brand might not have reached out. We encourage you to seek participation in as many active campaigns as you like. However, the final call will rest with the brand to decide if they would like you to be a part of their campaign. Bloggerati™ doesn’t influence or recommend any influencers to any brands.

Q) Can my profile be rejected by Bloggerati™ team?

A) Yes, under certain circumstances. If your profile doesn’t meet an internal threshold criteria of qualifying you as an influencer, then your profile won’t appear in the category list. You will surely hear from us and we would be happy to help in any manner to increase your influence.

Q) Can I be eliminated by Bloggerati™ influencers group?

A) Violation of any policy or code of conduct may cause your elimination from Bloggerati™ network.