FAQs on Content Houses

Q) What are Content Houses?

A) Content Houses are content creators and curators (Listicles, Video Sites, News Sites etc) with a digital and social presence and good following high following. They create original content and also curate it from websites on their digital platform. Their high follower base give brands the necessary viewership and engagement

Q) How can a content house help brands?

A) There are two ways to work with a content house:

  1. Brands can ask them to create original branded content that can be published on their platforms or their own.
  2. Brands can further structure a deal to help them also promote that content

Q) What role does Bloggerati™ play in this?

A) Bloggerati™ will play a multi-pronged role. It will help you map the right content houses basis the nature of your campaign. It will then negotiate a right price on brand’s behalf. Most importantly, Bloggerati™ team can also provide it’s creative inputs to the campaign for a fee.

Q) How to select a right content house for your brand?

A) Before selecting a content house for your brand/product research what kind of audience the content house tap into and if that audience and work fit into your target audience.

Q) What is the cost of this activity?

A) You need to mention the kind, scope and scale of activity that you want to get done from the content house. Bloggerati™ will then get you the best deal for the same from that content house.