For Brands

What is the duration of my subscription?

The subscription period is of 1 year.

How to find a good influencer?

We have alloted rating to each influencer basis their content and their number of followers vis-à-vis their peers and various other parameters. These ratings are revised monthly basis their performance. You can select the influencer who you feel best suits your campaign requirements given their social media presence.

How many influencers can I invite for my campaign?

You can reach out to as many influencers as you deem fit for your campaign.

Can I select more categories in the middle of my current subscription?

Yes. You can go to Settings & In Subscription Details section, add more categories that you want to subscribe to.

What about cancellation of subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime any moment you want from “My Account section”.

Is my subscription transferable?


How much do I have to pay Bloggerati™ for each campaign?

You don’t have to pay anything to Bloggerati™. You have to make all the payments directly to each influencer who has accepted to participate in your campaign

Does Bloggerati™ connect with the influencers on my behalf?

You have a choice on that. You can either reach out to influencers yourself and conduct the campaign or request Bloggerati™’s assistance. In case of the latter, Bloggerati™ team will co-ordinate and conduct the camapign on your behalf for a fee.

Can my subscriptions get cancelled by Bloggerati™?

Yes, if any kind of legal violation, tampering of code of conduct is found the subscription will get cancelled immediately without any kind of notification & no amount would be returned to the subscriber. This will also be considered in the case of sustained complaints from our influencers.

For Influencers

Why should I sign up?

You should sign up for two reasons. It will allow you to connect with brands on the subjects that you like writing about the most. Secondly, you get paid for it. ™ provides you a platform where you can interact with the brands directly and participate in their campaign. It is completely transparent as you deal directly with the company.

How much time it will take my account to get activated?

It may take 24 to 48 hours to get your account activated.

How do I get paid?

You can mention the amount you fee for participating in any brand campaign. Once the brand has agreed to that and you have suitable completed the tack, brand will pay you directly.

Is there a registration fee or commission paid to Bloggerati™?

There is neither a registration fee nor any commission charged by Bloggerati™. Once you have completed the write up for the brand, you will receive the payment from them directly. Bloggerati™ will neither be responsible for negotiating with the company or collecting payments for you from the company.

How much amount should I charge for my blogs or tweets?

It would be entirely upto you. However we do suggest that you check your rating vis-à-vis your peers and benchmark your rates in proportion to that. Remember the more you participate, the better will be your ranking which in turn will slowly allow you to increase your rates too.

How do I get a good rating?

Rating is dependent on combination of factors one of those primarily being how are you constantly increasing your follower count. It is also dependent in varying degrees on number of platforms you have presence on, how many brand campaigns are you participating in etc.

Can I participate in any active campaign?

Yes. You will find the list of active public campaigns in your dashboard and you can reach out to the brand to show your intention to participate. If the brand accepts, then you can be a part of it. Bloggerati™ doesn’t influence or recommend any influencers to any company.

Can my profile get rejected by Bloggerati™?

Yes under certain circumstances. If your profile doesn’t meet an internal threshold criteria of qualifying as an influencer then your profile won’t appear in the category list.

Can I be eliminated by Bloggerati™ influencers group?

Violation of any policy or code of conduct may cause your elimination from Bloggerati™ network.

For Content House

What are Content Houses?

Content Houses are video creators and content curator with having a strong following on digital space for themselves, also they create tailor-made content which can give brands the benefit of their following on digital space as well as their expertise to tap into the target audience. Some of the content houses are AIB / Scoopwoop / Vagabomb

How does a content house help brand to market?

There are two ways to work with a content house:

  1. You can ask them to create content on their channel or website which will promote your brand or product in more organic way
  2. You can ask them to create a tailor-made video for your brands and conceptualize it to tap into your target audience on digital space.

How does Bloggerati™ help you to connect with Content House?

You can create a campaign selecting content house as a category and select your choice of content house you would like to work with and invite them to associate with you on your campaign it’s as simple as that.

How to select a right content house for your brand?

Before selecting a content house for your brand/product research what kind of audience the content house tap into and if that audience and work fit into your target audience.

What is the cost of this activity?

You need to write down the kind, scope and scale of activity that you want to get done from the content house. Bloggerati™ will then get you the best deal for the same from that content house.